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23 October 2019 - Wesley's Chapel London - Successful Time Management
25 November 2019 - Wesley's Chapel London - Fundraising and the Law
26 November 2019 - Bristol - Successful Trusts Fundraising
27 November 2019 - Central Birmingham - Volunteer Management Creative Masterclass
11 December 2019 - Leeds - Legacy and In Memoriam Fundraising
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A very well structured and presented course. What we covered in half a day was amazing. GarethÂ’s breadth of experience in the fundraising sector and excellent presentation skills made for a most rewarding day. Some of his ideas have been implemented immediately and others we are working on. The sharing of ideas with other charity workers and the use of relevant and up to date information from other charity websites was also very useful.
Caroline Thompson
Training Courses

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Training Courses

We have currently 5 courses in 4 locations
All current courses are bookable online or call us on 01388 517703 at any time.

Successful Time Management

23 Oct 2019 at Wesley's Chapel London
A full day course to help you manage your time effectively

Fundraising and the Law

25 Nov 2019 at Wesley's Chapel London
A course to help you understand the law relating to fundraising

Successful Trusts Fundraising

26 Nov 2019 at Bristol
A course designed to help you with all aspects of fundraising from trusts and foundations

Volunteer Management Creative Masterclass

27 Nov 2019 at Central Birmingham
A full day course designed to help your volunteer management in practical ways

Legacy and In Memoriam Fundraising

11 Dec 2019 at Leeds
Legacy fundraising is essential for the long-term growth of all sizes of cause. Legacies can make a transformational effect on most causes.


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