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Thanks very much for the excellent course today which I found really useful. I shall put several of the things I learned into practice straight away. It is a pleasure to find an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who takes care not to mystify people with jargon. Once again, thanks for a super venue, excellent presentation and delicious lunch.
Kath Lordan
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Trust Application Service

This specialist service is designed to help you find that elusive pot of gold - trusts willing to give to unrestricted income or to general projects. 

The basic package involves us sourcing trusts, especially those more difficult to find, and then putting together a positive creative appeal to these trusts for you. 

All you have to do is sign the covering letters and we carry out all the administration.



Whilst we cannot guarantee results, clearly these trials are very encouraging and show that some trusts that are harder to source will consider giving income to unrestricted funds.  We are noticing trusts are taking longer to make their decisions in this climate and the small and medium sized trusts are slightly less inundated with applications.

The vast majority of clients are seeing results of £1,000-10,000 per £500 spent but we have introduced the following guarantee to reflect the difficult times we are in and the need charities have to ensure any expenditure is not wasted.


What happens if we don't get a result in this climate?

Although this has proved very rare, we have introduced a new guarantee for the service.  If you do not get your money back within 6 months, we offer 2 options -

1. An additional batch of trusts at half price, or

2. 5 days worth of training course places on our public training courses in fundraising and other charity disciplines (valued at over 490 plus VAT)

This has only been used once to date from the many clients we help every year.



The total cost for this service is as follows -

500 pounds plus VAT inclusive of all expenses, postage, etc for the first 50 applications

Additional trusts are charged at 10 pounds plus VAT for each subsequent application, with a minimum order of just 20 if using the same or a very similar template.


Research Only Option

We also offer the research only option of sourcing 50 trusts that you do not have current knowledge of for 300 pounds plus VAT.  Just send us your list of names of trusts and we can find 50 prospects for you for 300 pounds plus VAT.  At least 70% will have a strong match for your cause in some way, with up to 30% being 'wild cards' as we have had success with such general giving trusts in the test activity.

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